From January 2018 the car park now has 3 electric car charging points to use. They are located on the general parking level, just to the left of the entry ramp to the multi storey car park.
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How to use the electric car charging spaces, once parked at the Rochdale Exchange.

  1. Go to MY.FRANKLINENERGY.CO.UK on your smart phone.
  2. LOG IN/REGISTER with your personal details. Enter EMAIL & PASSWORD.
  3. Once LOGGED IN, CONNECT THE CABLE from your vehicle to the CHARGING POINT.
  4. SELECT the CHARGING POINT your vehicle is connected to from the map displayed on the webpage of your mobile phone.
  5. Select START CHARGING (blue button) – once this has been selected the charging session should be initiated and a timer will appear showing how long the car has been charging for. You also have the capability to stop the charging session from this page once charging has completed.

Call 0345 123 0500 for further support or information.

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