Visitor Policy

How to prepare before visiting Rochdale Exchange

  1. No Seating

All mall seating, children’s rides etc. have been removed from the mall

  1. Not all entrances open

When the centre re-opens on the 15th June the Newgate entrance will remain closed. Customers will be able to walk from the subway through to Yorkshire St.

  1. Keep left at all times

A keep left system is to be implemented throughout the shopping centre to help social distancing.

  1. Queuing

Most stores will only be able to permit 2 people to queue in front of their shops in order to maintain social distancing.  Customers outside the shop should stand alongside the shop window and not in the mall as that would jeopardise people’s ability to social distance.

  1. Car Park could close for entry at peak times

The car park could be closed at peak times if required, to help regulate customer queues into the centre and overall occupancy numbers.

  1. Malls will be constantly monitored

The malls will be constantly monitored to make sure that they are not getting too busy. If they are then it may become necessary to temporary close the centre to maintain safe social distancing.

  1. Signs to help shoppers

Confused by the new rules? Don’t worry. Floor markers and signage has been installed to encourage social distancing. These are also in place in the lifts to help remind people of the need to stay 2m apart.

  1. Staircases

Customers are asked to use the landings on all staircases as passing points and give way to other people rather than try crossing on the stairs.

  1. Lifts

The lift at the Yorkshire St entrance near EE will be limited to one person (unless you are from the same household). The two main lifts opposite WH Smith and Superdrug will be limited to 2 people, but you must stand in opposite corners and face the wall using the markers on the floor.  Sanitiser is available in each lift car to use after you have pressed the landing button.

  1. Sanitisers

Sanitisers will be located at each entrance into the centre for use as you enter the centre. They will also be located at each of the Car Park Pay machines and inside the lifts as stated above.  Please always use after you have touched the touch screens or the lift call buttons.

  1. Centre Security and Cleaning staff will be on the malls if you have any questions 

Please always remain respectful and polite and remember that they are here to help you and ensure your safety.

Thank you