As part of the UK’s 25th anniversary celebrations of Heritage Open Days,  Rochdale’s  Time Machine event  will bring the past, present and future to life at Rochdale Exchange with amazing street theatre characters travelling with incredible vehicle inventions..

Taking place on Friday 1 June and Saturday 2 June “A Very Curious Contrivance” and “High Flyers”- two unique machines with a vintage steam punk flavour  – will be making their way round the centre, taking visitors on story-telling adventures and transporting young and old to other  places and times through the power of imagination.

‘A Very Curious Contrivance’ is an electric engine designed to reflect a time when transport was a virtual unknown and inventions were weird and wonderful. Shoppers will have the opportunity to explore its intricate workings – from the noisy gas propulsion, flapping wings, and pumping pistons as it trundles through Rochdale Exchange.

As a fringe event to the Time Machine festival and weekend of activities in the conservation area of Toad Lane   the shopping centre will also welcome “High Flyers”. This curious contraption will be inviting people to enjoy a selection of humorous yet thought-provoking tales from across the centuries.

Lorenzo O’Reilly, Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre Manager, said: “The Time Machine is a town-wide event that we’re thrilled to be a part of. Sitting at the heart of the community, we naturally embrace Rochdale’s unique blend of historic charm and cultural diversity and we’re really looking forward to hosting these stimulating representations of our past, present and even future.

“Now more than ever Rochdale’s businesses, organisations and stakeholders are working together to help create  a more vibrant, attractive and inclusive town celebrating all that it has to offer across all sectors. Events such as The Time Machine are  perfect example of a partnership that is bringing many elements of Rochdale together to celebrate the past and shape the future.”